by SA-20

This site is dedicated to the Petronas Adventure Team, a 4×4 off-roading club which operated from 1999 to 2014 in Malaysia, operating epic and highly-publicized tours in the early 2000s.   The team’s adventures included the 1999 Passage to Tibet, 2001 Silk Road adventure, and 2003 Africa Trek.  They did community outreach projects at all their stops.

I live far from Malaysia – I am merely a fan, living in America and running my own tree service business in Pflugerville, TX outside of Austin.  But reading articles and seeing pictures of these crazy adventures – a line of impressive bruiser vehicles, teal-green and trucking across oceans of sand dunes, stopping to rebuild schools in war-torn countries like the Sudan …

… images like this made the world seem very large and amazing, and yet at the same time very small.  In a far-away country like Malaysia, which could probably not be more different from my home in Texas (except I hear it’s hot) – different skin color, different food, different language, different religion, different music …  yet there were still guys who loved to get into big trucks and drive over sand and rocks, just like I dreamed of doing, and who used their notoriety to help people.

Check out the “About” page for details about the team and its history.  In the blog I will expand on the background and historical context of various Petronas Adventure treks, and outline some of my own thoughts and ambitions that these .

I started driving 4x4s with my dad when I was 16, and he was always very supportive.  He loved big honking machines too – I guess we know where I got it from!  (Hint – it wasn’t my mom.)  My dad passed away in late 2011, and a few months later I read in 4×4 Magazine that Petronas Adventure Team founder Halim Rahman had passed away as well.  I felt like I had lost two of my heroes.  This site is an attempt to memorialize both of them, and to draw attention to the twin passions of off-roading and service that I think would have made Mr. Rahman proud.

4×4 off-roading is the best sport there is.  Yes, it’s about big machines, but even riding the biggest machine you feel small next to the grand sweep of God’s creation.  A big truck can put you face to face with mountains and valleys, sand dunes and swamps, miles from the garbage we surround ourselves with as “civilized” people and up close and personal with our mortality and insignificance in the big picture.  We live on a beautiful planet.  The Petronas Adventure Team showed me that, and it is now my life’s mission to recreate that magic in my own life, and in the lives of others.

Plus, it’s fun to catch air as you barrel over a hill 🙂

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